Podcast 27 Christmas with Cthulhu

December 19, 2016

Well it's that time of year again and you know what that means here at SISG:


Ghost Stories, Lovecraft Christmas Carols, Cream Chipped Beef, Vincent Price, Howdy Doody, Disco accordian, and of course the end of man kind as we know it.




Podcast 26: The End of the World

November 21, 2016

Good November to you listeners!

Its election time and you know what that means:  Half of Americans are just plain ticked off.

Well your old friends at SISG have got those of you that think the sky is falling covered. 


How you ask?


Why with our salute to the apocolypse that's how.


Your welcome.


Podcast 25 Halloween Supreme

October 27, 2016

Hey out there all you Gamies and Gamettes,  

Its your old pals at SISG bringing you some Halloween Cheer.

We've got our top 8 Spooky records and a Heart that has two tales. Plus another HP love craft story and a salute to Paul Frees, the greatest voice artist we've ever heard.

So sit down and Hush your mouth . . .

Here comes the Boogie Man


Podcast 24: Politics and Dirty Tricks

September 21, 2016

Hello all,

Well there's this whole election thing happening and we've decided to side step the real issues and delve into the greatest collection of campaign songs ever assembled.
It's practically your civic duty to listen. 

Also we've got a salute to school fads of the past and the re-rereturn of Encyclopedia Brown.

Plus another exciting interview with wrestling legend (to SISG anyway) Steve Atkins in which he talks about his other love: traveling to strange places.



Podcast 23: Apes Gone Wild

August 18, 2016

Watch out! 

The simians are on the loose and out for blood. 

 Will the boys be able to make it out alive?

You'll just have to listen to find out.


Podcast 22 - Baseball and Beyond

July 29, 2016

Well listeners we are late,

We apologize but better now than never and at least we've got something great for you to listen to:

A little expose on baseball where we regale you with tales of our love affair with America's past time. Plus halloween comes early and the Big Foot of the south gets a shout out.


Podcast 21: Hipsters and Hypnotists

June 20, 2016

Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening listeners,

We here at SISG feel that whatever time you listen to our show, is its a good time, so here's what's in store in June.

We've got Bill Murray incognito, a musical cave and a first date.  Plus we have a list of our favorite Paul Bunyan effigies, the sultan of swat and trip to the outer limits.


Podcast 20: Zombies and Commies

May 19, 2016

Hello all,

We have something special this month for you.

Its an exclusive interview with Joe Giles, the guy that portrays several of the zombies on the Walking Dead. We also salute great beer jingles throughout the decades and celebrate communism and all its many flaws.  Add a scholastic book reading and a discussion on our favorite watering holes and you have our show.



Podcast 19: April Whine

April 17, 2016

Well it's April and that's all we say about that.  

Enjoy the show 

Podcast 18: The March of the Novel Aliens

March 18, 2016

Hey everybody, Happy March!

Come with us, oh exalted listener on a most maddening adventure as we celebrate the creme de la creme of music genres, 

The Novelty Song. 

Listen as we again hear stories of UFO encounters and a tale about a man worth 6 million bucks.

Lastly, get your Irish on with some airborne poetry.